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G-Store is Melbourne and Gippsland’s Air-Conditioning expert with 13 years of experience. We focus on reliable installations and work only with the best suppliers. We love helping our customers achieve energy-efficient, sustainable solutions to keep cool and comfy the whole year round.

We have a wide range of energy-efficient Air-Conditioning Systems for your home.

LG Split Systems

Ideal for heating or cooling a single room or area of your home. 

With LG Split System air conditioning products, you’ll also enjoy benefits such as:

  • Embedded Wi-Fi - so that you can control your unit with your Smartphone, even when you’re not at home.
  • Active Energy Control - to help track your energy consumption.
  • Low Noise - LG Air Conditioners operate at low sound levels.

For ease of installation, energy efficiency and quiet performance, LG air conditioning systems are the smart choice.

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LG Ducted System

This kind of system provides whole-home heating and cooling.

This can be installed in a new home or tailored to an existing one. Our ducted units can typically be installed discreetly in homes.

With LG Ducted air conditioning products, you’ll also enjoy benefits such as:

  • Optional Wi-Fi Control - so that you can control your unit with your Smartphone, even when you’re not at home*.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency - The latest inverter technology from LG helps to lower running costs all year round.
  • Zone Control - take control of up to 8 zones with the LG premium controller and indicate each zone name such as living room, kitchen etc.

For ease of installation, efficiency and flexibility, LG ducted air conditioning systems are the smart choice.

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Multi-Split System

Heat or cool multiple rooms in your home

LG Multi split system provides powerful, efficient cooling and heating with two, three, four, or up to nine indoor units operating off a single outdoor unit.

LG’s advanced inverter technology brings powerful performance while remaining energy efficient.

Multi split systems use less space than
installing individual single split systems.

A variety of sleek and elegant indoor units are available in a full range of capacities for all room sizes.

Installation is easy and it offers various convenient functions for easy maintenance.

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Maximising the indoor aesthetics with a comfortable environment

LG Ceiling Mounted Cassette provides a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. LG Cassette type indoor units also purifies air for a fresher indoor air.

The indoor unit is compact, enabling easier installation in smaller, more restricted spaces.

It has a wide jet air flow. Improved vanes reduce the curved area and provide even air distribution

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LG VRF: Multi V Series

Convenient and easy to control for whole home comfort.

MULTI V is a LG Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. Providing exceptional comfort, efficiency and easy installation.

LG MULTI V Series compact size and light weight, it provides the ideal installation in smaller spaces. LG MULTI V powerful VRF solution for residences that provides high performance with reduced operating costs.

With its Dual Sensing Control senses both humidity and temperature for economical and comfortable operation. On summer days with high humidity, colder air is discharged for quick latent heat elimination. And on dry summer days when humidity is low, milder air is discharged in order to make the room less dry.

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LG THERMA V Heat pump

The Green choice for Smart Customers

An Air to Water Heat Pump (AWHP) system that allows space heating, floor heating, cooling and hot water supply. Not only can you install it in your new home, but you can also replace boilers in your existing home.

THERMA V is approximately up to 4 times more efficient than boilers. The longer you use it, the more you can save on heating costs.

THERMA V uses 75% of natural energy absorbed from outside air and the rest of 25% comes from electricity. THERMA V significantly reduces CO2 emission compared to oil or gas boilers.

LG THERMA V is energy saving by utilizing renewable energy and high efficiency equipment. A lower investment cost, providing multiple solutions for space heating, cooling and hot water supply system.

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